To start the application process:

  1. Follow this link for the online application: myPurdue Self Service (opens in new window/tab)
  2. Click FIRST TIME USER ACCOUNT CREATION, create a login ID and PIN and sign in. 
  3. Select an Application Type. 
    Scroll down to option 8 Polytechnic Institute Statewide Applications. Choose the appropriate application type for you.
    • Polytechnic Statewide Freshman Application (first-time college students)
    • Polytechnic Statewide Nondegree Application (students who want to pursue coursework but not a degree)
    • Polytechnic Statewide Transfer Application (students who have completed college courses after high school graduation)
    • Polytechnic Statewide Re-entry Application (Individuals who, while in good standing, left any Purdue campus/location and want to re-enter Purdue at a Technology Statewide location)
    Note: You may begin the process and return to complete the application at another time.


To complete the application process:

  1. Online payment of the nonrefundable $60 application fee (or qualified fee waiver) is required to submit the application. (MasterCard or Discover accepted)
  2. Mail Official High School Transcript to Purdue University Office of Admissions (see address below). If you have a GED then you must submit GED information and an official transcript from the school you attended.
  3. E-transcripts must be sent to
  4. Mail SAT or ACT scores to Purdue University Office of Admissions (see address below).
    • SAT School Code: 1631
    • ACT School Code: 1230
    • Accepted from the testing center only
    • Not required for non-traditional students at least 23 years of age or if student has at least 24 graded credit hours of college level coursework.
  5. Mail Official Transcript from any college(s) attended, that is listed on your application, to Purdue University Office of Admissions (see address below).

Purdue University Office of Admissions
Attn: Carmen O’Brien
475 Stadium Mall Dr.
​West Lafayette, IN 47907


Admissions Factors for Degree-Seeking Students

  • Subject matter expectations completed in high school or previous college work
  • Overall grades in academic coursework
  • Grades related to intended major
  • Strength of student's overall curriculum in high school and/or college
  • Trends in achievement
  • SAT or ACT sent directly from the testing agency (required for applicants who graduated from high school with the past five years and who have not completed at least 24 college credits). Test scores must be sent electronically from the testing agency. When registering to take one of these tests, take advantage of the free reporting option to have the testing agency send your scores directly to Purdue (SAT School Code: 1631; ACT School Code: 1230).
  • Essay
  • Personal background and experiences
  • Information provided by high school counselor or other school/college official
  • High school diploma or GED

Minimum Subject Matter Expectations (these match those required for the Indiana Core 40 Diploma and can be met by previous academic work in high school or through college courses; generally a semester of college work is equivalent to 2 credits or 1 year of high school coursework)

  • English/Language Arts: 8 high school credits
  • Mathematics: 6 high school credits (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II); 8 high school credits recommended
  • Science: 6 high school credits (includes 4 credits of laboratory science)
  • Social Studies: 6 high school credits
  • Note: Foreign language is not required, but 4 high school credits are recommended

Applicants with no college experience and who graduated from high school prior to 2011 and do not meet the Subject Matter Expectations will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Transfer Applicants who have coursework at a post-secondary institution:

  • Minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Meet Subject Matter Expectations