Information regarding changing your major (CODO) into Building Construction Management

Thank you for your interest in the building construction management major.  In order to CODO into the School of Construction Management Technology, you will need to be in good academic standing (not on academic probation) at the time of the CODO.  Students who do not currently meet this requirement may submit their CODO papers, and they will be held until the end of the current term.  After grades are posted for that term, CODO applications will be reviewed  to see if the minimum requirements have been met.  CODO applicants who are not admitted, may submit new CODO papers if they wish to be re-considered for a subsequent term.

For further information about the BCM Major, or the BCM CODO process, or to find out how your courses would count in the BCM major, or for any other relevant information that will assist you in making a wise decision about CODOing into BCM, please contact a BCM Advisor:

It is strongly recommended that you attend a CODO Meeting or meet individually with a BCM Advisor to have all your questions answered.  BCM accepts CODO applications year round.  Please bring 2 copies of your CODO papers, signed by your current academic advisor, to the CODO meeting.  You can go to the Registrar’s Website  to print out your CODO papers.  Be sure that you sign both copies before you submit your CODO papers.