Students requesting CODO or Dual Degree should email questions and application documents to from your email address only.  Include full name and PUID. Please follow instructions for more information below.

The demand for enrollment in some majors in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute currently exceeds the resource capacity to meet that demand. For this reason, some departments must limit students accepted for CODO or Dual Degree in Computer and Information Technology. Therefore CODO or Dual Degree requests into CIT are based on a semester-by-semester analysis of the total department enrollment and resources.

CODO GPA Requirement information*

Beginning Fall 2017


Accepted on a SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS after a holistic review

  • 3.25 and above cumulative GPA
  • C- or higher in required courses

Considered on remaining SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS after a holistic review

  • 3.00 – 3.24 cumulative GPA
  • C- or higher in required courses


*There are two GPA levels that students can qualify for approval. Students are evaluated based on CODO requirements that were in place when the student matriculated. However, if the student leaves Purdue-WL and has to go through the re-entry or re-admission process to return, they can be held to new CODO requirements.  All other requirements remain the same (i.e. completion of required courses, online tutorial, and submission of CODO request). Students who matriculated onto catalog terms prior to Fall 2017, please consult a CIT Advisor for more information.

To be familiarize yourself with the program and majors as you consider pursuing CODO or Dual Degree in Computer and Information Technology, complete the following: 

Step 1 - View the CODO presentation and read the CIT Academic Policies and Guidelines.

Step 2 - Complete the online quiz and review your myPurdue Plan “What-If” report as referenced in CIT CODO Presentation Slides

  • Print or save a copy of your myPurdue Plan “What-If” report (highly recommended) (use for your quiz)

  • CIT CODO Quiz (must receive 100% for successful completion) 

Step 3 - Students should email CIT Advisors at from your email to apply. Include full name and PUID in all email correspondence. Submit the following documents with your email request:

  • Completed CODO Quiz (screenshot of the 100% score; first page only)
  • MyPurdue Plan "What-If" report based on your intended major within the CIT department (recommended) Submit an electronic report so we will know which major and minor (where required) you wish to pursue. Save as a .pdf  or Include the major and minor (if applicable) you would like to pursue in your correspondence.

Step 4 - After a CIT Advisor confirms that the application request is complete, the student is eligible to request the *online CODO form be submitted by the student’s current Academic Advisor. Current Polytechnic students are advised to meet with current advisor to communicate plans to change major: the online CODO form is not required. CODO requests must be submitted by the Thursday of Finals Week of the current semester for CODO consideration at the end of that semester. Students will be invited to attend optional meetings with CIT Advisors.

Note: Any online CIT CODO request submitted before Steps 1-3 are complete will be denied.  

Step 5 - Complete a course from each of the following 3 categories with a minium grade of C- or higher:

Students with start date of Fall 21 or earlier:

1. CNIT 18000 or CNIT 17600 (must be taken or tested out of at PWL campus or Polytechnic Statewide sites: Anderson, Columbus or Kokomo)

2. Composition or Humanities Selective (ENGL 10600, ENGL 10800, ENGL 10100, or SCLA 10100 or ENGL 11000 (Humanities Selective)) OR Oral Communications Selective (COM 11400, SCLA 10200) ​ (AP, IB and transfer credit accepted)

3. MA 16010 or equivalent (MA 16100, MA 16500) (AP, IB and transfer credit accepted)

Students with start date of Fall 22 or later:

1. CNIT 18000 or CNIT 17600 for CNIT, DATA, INET and SAAD majors
    CNIT 18200 or CNIT 17600 for CSEC majors

2. Composition or Humanities Selective (ENGL 10600, ENGL 10800, ENGL 10100, or SCLA 10100 or ENGL 11000 (Humanities Selective)) OR Oral Communications Selective (COM 11400, SCLA 10200) ​ (AP, IB and transfer credit accepted)

3. MA 16010 or equivalent (MA 16100, MA 16500) (AP, IB and transfer credit accepted)


Students on academic PROBATION may not CODO into the CIT program.

Course Requests:  Students who have completed steps 1, 2 & 3 will be eligible for course overrides for 10000 and 20000 level CNIT courses and TECH 12000.  Requests for remaining CNIT course space must be submitted online through Scheduling Assistant. The requests will be evaluated during open registration. Students with a complete application and a current GPA or Adjusted GPA of at least 2.8 will be given early consideration. All other requests will be considered after the semester grades post. Students who pre-register will need to re-submit requests through Scheduling Assistant during open registration. Students are not eligible for 30000 level or higher CNIT courses until the CODO request is approved.