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CIT Registration Information - Spring/Summer 2019

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*Fall 2018 New Students will build and submit a schedule during registration for Spring 2019

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Fall 2018 CNIT Tutors

Spring 2019 Pre-Requisite List

Spring 2019 CNIT 500-Level Course Pre-Requisites for Undergraduates - Updates Pending

General Business Interdisciplinary Selectives

Form 23A (Advisor Schedule Recommendation)

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Fall 2018 CIT Plan of Study Comparison Chart
Fall 2017 CIT Plan of Study Comparison Chart

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Critical Path Documents:

Fall 2017-Present Computer and Information Technology (CNIT) Critical Path

Fall 2017-Present Cybersecurity (CSEC) Critical Path

Fall 2016-Present Network Engineering Technology (NENT) Critical Path 

Fall 2016-Present Systems Analysis and Design (SAaD) Critical Path 

Co-Curricular Requirements (Effective Fall 2016):

Globalization Experience Requirement Verification - Fall 2016 -Present

Professional Information Technology Experience Requirement Verification - Fall 2016 - Present