Earn a master’s degree from both Purdue and Reutlingen University in Germany.

Dual Master of Science Degree

Dual Master of Science Degree: Engineering Technology (Purdue University) and Digital Industrial Management & Engineering (Reutlingen University)

The Dual Master of Science Degree is a unique offering presenting students with the opportunity to graduate with degrees from both Purdue and Reutlingen University. The program highlights the Industry 4.0 agenda through the utilization of IoT, data, intelligence, and cyber-physical operations in its manufacturing production systems.

Besides advancing students’ research and disciplinary knowledge from a technology perspective, the degree also provides a global context to manufacturing, preparing students to become manufacturing leaders with skills and capabilities to understand, assess, lead and manage Industry 4.0-focused innovation in manufacturing. This graduate program leverages the innovative technology and capabilities at both institutions’ learning factories, where students master competencies by working in digitized manufacturing environments.

Program Objectives

The dual-degree offering by Purdue University and the University of Reutlingen is designed to prepare students to advance their knowledge of the digital transformation of manufacturing and Industry 4.0, led by the two global manufacturing superpowers, Germany and the United States.  By simultaneously working toward the MS Engineering Technology (MSET) degree from Purdue University, and the MS Digital Industrial Management & Engineering (DIME) degree from University of Reutlingen, students gain a global perspective to manufacturing in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution through their coursework, research, and collaboration with faculty advisors from both institutions. 

The objectives for the dual-degree program are:

  • Education to inspire innovation in manufacturing through use of data, information technology, and state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 technologies. 
  • Develop applied research skills inspired by the need to solve advanced manufacturing challenges using Industry 4.0 solutions. 
  • Develop advanced technology skills and leadership potential through research, learning and engagement with industry.
  • Exposure to intercultural, interdisciplinary, projects and activities in a global manufacturing environment. 

How Does it Work

Students participating in this program will spend their first year at Purdue University, part of the second year in Germany at University of Reutlingen, and the final Semester at Purdue.  See Plan of Study for more details.

Both degrees can be earned simultaneously in as little as two years. 


Reutlingen University

Reutlingen University is located close to Stuttgart in its namesake town, a city of 115,818 people in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg. Purdue graduate students will experience Reutlingen University’s Learning Factory Werk150.

Learn more about Reutlingen, Germany and Reutlingen University here.

Learning Factories

The centerpiece of this dual degree is the students’ involvement in each university’s on-campus learning factory. Learning factories are fully functional manufacturing facilities, where students incorporate high-tech elements of Industry 4.0, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, to build real, in-demand products while learning manufacturing engineering technologies and supply chain logistics in the process. Incorporating the learning factory expands the scope of the learning experience.

Purdue is proud to be the home of the first learning factory in the U.S., where students learn the production processes associated with the manufacturing of electric scooters and skateboards.