Admission Requirements and Resources

  • Students in the program complete 21 credit hours from Purdue University and nine credit hours from University of Reutlingen. 
  • Students complete an applied research project and submit thesis adhering to the requirements of both institutions. 
  • The Purdue degree must be awarded first, prior to the degree from University of Reutlingen. 
  • The study progression and the Plan of Study for this program are designed to be completed in two years (minimum).

Program Eligibility

Upon being admitted to the MS in Engineering Technology (MSET) program in Purdue Polytechnic’s School of Engineering Technology, students declare their intent to participate in the dual degree program by contacting Ragu Athinarayanan, professor in engineering technology, or Grant Richards, assistant professor of practice. 

Up to five students are selected for the dual-degree program annually. 

Eligible candidates are those who demonstrate their:

  • Academic success
  • Maturity
  • Desire to advance their knowledge
  • Aptitude to conduct research
  • Openness to intercultural, interdisciplinary projects and activities in a global manufacturing environment

To be considered, students submit information as outlined in the “Application Process and Deadlines” section for demonstrating their eligibility to participate in this program. 

GPA Requirement: Good Academic Standing
Language Requirement: None

Estimated Program Costs

Students pay all tuition and fees associated with obtaining the Purdue MSET degree. Because of the reciprocity of the exchange agreement between both institutions, students will not incur tuition costs for course credits leading to the MS degree from the University of Reutlingen. Students, however, are required to pay a study fee of $97.30 Euros (approx. $109.50 USD) per semester, beginning with the semester they are abroad in Germany and for each additional semester thereafter (excluding summers) until they graduate from the program. 

Students are responsible for covering their travel expenses, room and board, and all other incidental expenses, while they are abroad.

Application Process & Deadlines

Students must submit the below documents by August 31 of each year:

  • Resume
  • Statement of Purpose, detailing the student’s:

    • Academic and professional interests.
    • Professional achievements.
    • Expectations for adding value to the program.
    • Any other details that illustrate potential for the student’s success in this program.
  • Any other supporting documentation to support the application

Financial Aid

Purdue University financial aid may be applied to the costs of studying abroad. Students interested in receiving financial aid should:

NOTE: Recipients of certain tuition remission and scholarship programs should be mindful of the regulations for using those benefits for study abroad. Ask your financial aid advisor about any limitations.

Third-Party Resources

The websites listed below contain additional information about this program. Please note: Purdue University cannot guarantee the accuracy of third-party sites.

For more information on this program, contact Ragu Athinarayanan, professor in engineering technology, or Grant Richards, assistant professor of practice.