Student Experience


Throughout this interdisciplinary program, students will learn to bridge theory with practice through use-inspired research and real-world engagement. Students will have the opportunity to work jointly with companies leading the technological revolution in the areas of open source software, open innovation, digital innovation, mobile applications, and digital communities. Gain hands on experience and apply tools and skills gained through the program to help companies solve real business problems as they navigate the challenges of innovating in a global and digital marketplace.


Research Center for Open Digital Innovation 

This research group at Purdue University brings together a network of talented investigators and thought leaders to study the field of open digital innovation. They tackle fundamental research questions from an interdisciplinary perspective using sociotechnical and empirical research methods. The researcher center's work is driven by new technologies and tools such as big data, social media, cloud technologies and the Internet of Things. Students will have the opportunity to work with this dynamic research group to address topics in the fields of open innovation, digital innovation, online communities, and more. To learn more about the work being done at RCODI, visit the research center's website. 



Career Opportunities

Students completing the Dual Degree program will be prepared to innovate and manage innovation in today's global digital economy. The combined education offered through this program will prepare students for careers in a wide range of industries, and help to develop future managers, designers, and analysts who can work in the field of innovation across any industry. Possible job titles include:

  • R&D manager
  • Innovation Manager
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Analyst
  • Head of Consumer Insights
  • Head of Digital Strategy
  • Applied Data Scientists
  • Business Development Manager
  • Innovation Consultant
  • Startup Founder

See a list of current job openings in the field of digital innovation.

Thesis Option

Students will have the option to design and complete a research thesis or directed research project. Possible topics include:

  1. Smart cities: understand how social media transforms the role of citizens in the future
  2. Open source software: use big data to analyze the patterns of contribution to open source software to guide best practices for leveraging online communities
  3. Digital platforms: investigate how mobile technology platforms bring together thousands of app developers worldwide
  4. Open data contest: design and implement experiments to create novel mashup applications using open data
  5. E-Health applications: evaluate how to best utilize digital technologies in the healthcare sector