Military Science and Leadership Minor


Military Science and Leadership Minor

This 15-credit minor is designed specifically for Army ROTC students.


A grade of “C” or better must be earned in any course to fulfill a minor requirement.

Required courses (15 credits):

  • MSL 301 Leadership and Problem Solving
  • MSL 302 Leadership and Ethics
  • MSL 401 Leadership and Management
  • MSL 402 Officership
  • HIST 355* - History of American Military Affairs -

*HIST 355 is the preferred class to satisfy the minor requirements, however it can be substituted for with any of the following classes:

  • HIST 300 - Eve of Destruction: Global Crises and World Organization in the 20th Century
  • HIST 351 - The Second World War
  • HIST 439 - Communist China
  • PHIL 231 - Religions of the West
  • POL 231 - Intro to United States Foreign Policy
  • POL 237 - Modern Weapons and International Relations
  • POL 439 - United States Foreign Policy Making 

.Note: Not all classes are available both fall and spring semesters. Check with your advisor and plan ahead accordingly.