The Center for Professional Studies provide education and engagement in applied research for business and industry. We, in collaboration with academic entities, provide fully accredited degrees, certificates, courses, and workshops to professional working adult learners in industry at the local, state, regional, national and international levels. The Center for Professional Studies deliver programs through 100% online, online-hybrid, on-site, or a combination utilizing applicable industry-specific education mediums.


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Center for Professional Studies Administration
Schuver, Mark T Director - ProSTAR
Grad ID #: C6496
Clark, Carrie R Operations Manager
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Alwine, Sarah Marketing Administrator
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Construction Management Faculty & Staff
Cox, Robert F. Professor, Senior Associate Dean for Globalization, and Interim School Head for Construction Management
Grad ID #: C4957
765-494-7939 (Global), 765-494-2465 (CM)
Jiang, Yi Professor, Purdue Faculty Scholar, Graduate Program Chair
Grad ID #: C5401