MS in Construction Management (Online)

RankingSet yourself apart with a superior credential with a MS in Construction Management. Construction Management (CM) applies management principles and innovative technologies to effectively lead, organize, and manage the construction projects of residential, commercial, and infrastructure facilities. Through CM, buildings and infrastructure facilities can be constructed in a controlled systematic manner to maximize construction efficiency and assure highest quality.

With an advanced degree from Purdue University, you will be equipped with essential knowledge and educational experience to make significant contributions in the field of construction. The 100% online curriculum is designed to prepare qualified individuals for leadership positions in the construction industry. Emphasize on construction operations and company level management- the benefits of an MBA but with a focus on construction. This program is for individuals with a bachelor's degree in construction management, civil engineering, or a closely related field from an accredited university.

Participate in live, interactive classes on weeknights from 7-9:30 pm (EST) for 15 weeks (10 weeks in summer). Live classrooms are strategically designed to enhance the instruction and interaction between the construction industry and academic leaders. Go from admission to graduation in this non-thesis degree in just 24 months. Our flexible courses provide the opportunity to master principles of sustainability using emerging management techniques and gives you knowledge that you can put into practice on the job right away. 

This degree has been of interest to these professionals

  • Construction Company Owner/President
  • Project Manager
  • Construction Superintendent/Manager
  • Senior Claims Analyst
  • Construction Consultant
  • Designer
  • Building Inspector
  • Construction Foreman
  • Contract Manager
  • General Laborer 
  • Civil Engineer
  • Architect

Executive Construction Management Graduate Certificate

For students who aren't quite ready for the commitment of a master's program, we offer a 4 course graduate certificate in 'Executive Construction Management Graduate Certificate'. For more information on that program, please visit Executive Construction Management Graduate Certificate