Supply Chain Management Technology Minor

Supply chain management technology is a discipline that is needed to some degree by virtually every organization. The minor offers the basic knowledge and understanding of supply chain management technologies to seek employment opportunities with a supporting skill set for supply chain operations.

Four key technologies typically influence the supply chain: software, electronic business technologies (including web portals), visibility and productivity technologies (bar codes, RFID, etc.), and process advances, such as Six Sigma and Lean processes.


This minor is available to any Purdue University student majoring in a four-year degree baccalaureate degree program.

Required Courses (all three-credit courses)

IT 21400 Intro to Lean Manufacturing


TLI 23500 Intro to Lean and Sustainable Systems

IT 23000 Industrial Supply Chain Management Technology


TLI 21400 Introduction to Supply Chain Management Technology

IT 33000 Industrial Sales and Sales Management


TLI 34300 Technical and Service Selling

IT 33200 Purchasing, Inventory, and Warehouse Management


TLI 34200 Warehouse and Inventory Management


TLI 34250 Purchasing and Contract Management

IT 34500 Automatic Identification and Data Capture


TLI 31300 Tech Integration: Bar Codes to Biometrics

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Skills developed in this program can be applied to many different industries including hard goods, foods, agriculture, transportation, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and many more, while also providing job opportunities in a variety of positions including: supply chain manager, transportation analyst, logistician, purchasing manager, sales engineer, product manager, warehouse manager, branch manager, and others.

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