CODO procedures for the UX Design major

The demand for enrollment in some majors in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute currently exceeds the resource capacity to meet that demand. For this reason, we must limit CODOs based on a yearly analysis of the total department enrollment. The annual review process and requirements are listed below:


  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Mandatory meeting with UX Design faculty

Review Procedure:

  • All CODO applications received throughout the year will be held for faculty review, which takes place annually on August 1st.
  • Members of the UX Design faculty will arrange a mandatory meeting with each student during the month of September, which will contribute to the decision to accept or deny the CODO request.
  • A decision to accept or deny the student’s CODO request into the major will be made by October 1st. This decision will be based on the student’s academic standing, the information the student shares with the faculty during the mandatory meeting, and capacity in the major.
  • If a student’s CODO request is accepted, they will matriculate into the major and register for the UX Design course sequence beginning the following January.

For additional information on the CGT Department's CODO process, to find out how your courses would count in the CGT program, or for any other relevant information that will assist you in making a wise decision about CODOing, contact a CGT academic advisor.

Don’t forget to print two copies of your CODO papers from the Office of the Registrar and have both copies signed by a representative of your current school.