There are 3 types of internships recognized in the CGT department which include (1) not for credit, (2) for credit through TECH39699, and (3) for possible credit taken through other departments.  All internships must be verified to fulfill graduation work experience requirements.

If you are interested in doing an internship and want information on the process, the first step to take is to read the *CGT internship program manual (the manual is being updated, please contact Kelsey Spille at with your questions). (*old 2011 PDF file)

CGT work experience coordinator: Kelsey Spille


*CGT internship program manual (*old 2011 PDF file)

TECH39699, CGT internship for credit request form (online form)

Send validation of internship; job listing, company information, and supervisor information to Kelsey Spille at

CGT internship verification form. To be filled out at the end of your internship (online web form)