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  • To provide program validation including mission and goals, course sequencing, instructional content, technical support, industrial applications, assessment, accreditation and program review.
  • To provide industrial insight into new and emerging areas of applied computer graphics technology.
  • To assist the Computer Graphics Technology Department in program publicity, student and faculty recruitment, intern and co-op student placement, alumni employment, special project identification, and funding.
  • To provide feedback and other assistance to the Computer Graphics Technology Department’s students, faculty, administration, and alumni.

Industrial Member Make Up

The Industrial Advisory Board shall include between 1 and 4 individuals from each existing or emerging area of applied computer graphics technology within the broad curricula offerings of the Computer Graphics Technology Department.

Selection and Appointment     

Potential committee members shall be identified by the Computer Graphics Technology faculty.  Once nominated, IAB members shall be appointed by the Computer Graphics Technology Department Head with consultation of CGT faculty and the Purdue Polytechnic Institute Dean.

Term of Appointment 

Each board member shall serve as follows:

  • Two year term of initial appointment.     
  • Four year term of subsequent re-appointment.
  • Up to three terms of re-appointment.
  • An IAB member’s term shall be ended upon a formal request for resignation received by the Computer Graphics Technology Department Head or upon missing two consecutive meetings.

Student Member Make Up

Two voting student member, in semester 5 or above, will be appointed to the IAB by the CGT department head based on the recommendation of the faculty and CGT Student Council. 


The Computer Graphics Technology Industrial Advisory Board shall meet at least once each academic year.  A required meeting shall be held in April and an optional meeting may be held in October. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.


The Computer Graphics Technology Industrial Advisory Board meetings shall include a quorum which is defined as one more than half of the IAB members AND the faculty of the Computer Graphics Technology Department.  A representative of the CPurdue Polytechnic Dean’s office shall also be included.

  • ¬ÉThe CGT Department Head (or designee) shall chair the advisory committee meetings and will be responsible for providing the agenda and minutes.
  • A record of committee business shall be maintained.
  • Motions may be made and seconded by any faculty member or IAB member in attendance at a board meeting. 
  • Motions shall be passes by a simple majority vote by Industrial Advisory Board members in attendance (excluding administrators and faculty).
  • IAB minutes shall be transmitted to members and department faculty via e-mail within 10 days of a meeting.
  • Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern.


The budget of the Computer Graphics Technology Department shall support the Industrial Advisory Board meetings including supplies and refreshments.  Personal expenses such as travel, housing, and work compensation shall be supplied by the individual IAB member or the member’s employer.    

Member Identification 

The names and affiliation of the Computer Graphics Industrial Advisory Board members shall be published by the University in appropriate media.   

Amendments to the IAB By-Laws 

These procedures can be reviewed and amended as seen appropriate for the stated purposes of the Industrial Advisory Board.  A two thirds majority of IAB members AND CGT faculty present at a Board meeting shall be needed to amend the Board’s purposes and procedures.