• To provide academic program vision, enhancement, and validation, and to assist with periodic program review.

  • To provide insight and guidance to departmental faculty and staff regarding current and emerging industry practice in the conception, creation, and management of computer graphics tools, processes, and practices.

  • To provide guidance and mentorship to students and faculty regarding current and emerging computer graphics curriculum topics, relevant research areas, and current professional practices.

  • To assist the Computer Graphics Technology Department in program publicity, student and faculty recruitment, intern and co-op student placement, alumni employment, special project identification, and funding.

Industrial Member Make Up

The Industry Advisory Council shall include up to 15 individuals, representing existing or emerging areas of computer graphics technology within the broad curricula offerings of the Computer Graphics Technology Department. IAC members may also be selected for their general business acumen or connections, without a specific connection to computer graphics.

Advisory council members will represent a cross section of business, industry, labor, and/or the profession relevant to the particular academic program. A diversity of perspectives is an important aspect of the council’s function. Diverse perspectives and experiences based on veteran status, gender, race, ethnicity, geographic location, age, and other related qualities will be an important aspect in selecting members. Prospective advisory council members can be identified by existing advisory council members, Academic Directors, faculty, and staff.

Selection and Appointment     

Potential committee members can be identified by CGT faculty, students, alumni, or current advisory Council members.  A resume or CV should accompany each nomination. Upon receipt of nomination, advisory Council members shall be confirmed by the Computer Graphics Technology Department Head in consultation with CGT departmental faculty.

The following guidelines will be utilized for all council members:

  • Perspective council member’s names will be submitted to the CGT Department Head for input & evaluation.
  • The suggested number of council members can be up to 15 people.
  • Advisory council members will serve two-year terms with the possibility for renewal for additional terms based on their interest, involvement, and at the discretion of the department head which serves as a resource to and oversees the council.
  • Dedicated council positions will also be established for two current students within CGT

Responsibilities of Advisory Council Members 

Industry Advisory Council members are expected to actively engage and participate in departmental activities and dialogue.

Such activities include:

  • Consistently and actively participate in CGT Industry Advisory Council meetings, preferably in person.

    • Attend Council meetings and other events/functions (as requested).
    •  Review agenda and supporting materials prior to council meetings.
  • Serve as an ambassador and advocate to the program(s), providing a connection to and ongoing exchange of information and ideas with practitioners in the field and other external contacts.
  • Participate in professional practices activities with students (e.g., mock interviews, portfolio reviews, plan of study development, resume development, mentoring, etc.) throughout the CGT curriculum.

    • Be informed about the program(s), its students, curriculum, services/supports, and activities and inform others.
    • Provide feedback, advice, and/or assistance with a variety of program driven tasks and/or projects
    • Advise the program to ensure it produces graduates with the skills required to meet employment needs
    • Identify and present opportunities and/or host opportunities for student capstone projects, or experiences
  • Actively sponsor or advise at least one senior capstone group in each student cohort.

    • Consistently attend and evaluate senior capstone project presentations.
  • Share developments in the field of computer graphics or from their managerial experience.

    • Provide support and advice to program(s), assist in the development of new programs, and identify best practice standards.
  • Actively engage, and be willing to be actively engaged by, CGT faculty throughout the year.

    • Realistically assess the labor market demand for program graduates and advise the program to ensure it produces graduates with the skills required to meet employment needs.
  • Assist with placement of program graduates

    • Make best efforts to influence the employment of CGT students in intern/co-op positions within your company.
  • Make best efforts to influence the hiring of CGT students into full time positions within your company or industry.
  • Assist with program marketing and promotion.
  • Assist in the identification and recruitment of new council members
  • Provide recommendations for topic presenters for advisory council meetings.

Personal Characteristics

  • Ability to: listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, work well with people individually and in a group, and provide constructive feedback.
  • Willing to: prepare for and attend council meetings, ask questions, share ideas, opinions, and experiences, and open doors in the field.
  • Possess: honesty, openness to differing views, a friendly, responsive, and patient approach, engagement skills, personal integrity, a developed sense of values, and concern for and interest in the program’s development.


The Computer Graphics Technology Industry Advisory Council shall meet in person two times each academic year.  Target times will be in October and April respectively. Additional virtual meetings may be scheduled as needed.


The Computer Graphics Technology Industry Advisory Council meetings shall have a quorum when at least one more than half of the IAC members AND at least one more than half of the faculty of the Computer Graphics Technology Department are present.

  • The CGT Department Head (or designee) shall chair the advisory committee meetings according to Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • The CGT Assistant Department Head will be responsible for developing the meeting agenda and reviewing the minutes.
  • A record of Industry Advisory Council business shall be maintained through meeting minutes.
  • IAC minutes shall be transmitted to members and department faculty via e-mail within 10 days of a meeting.
  • Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern.


The budget of the Computer Graphics Technology Department shall support the Industry Advisory Council meetings including supplies and refreshments.  Personal expenses such as travel, housing, and work compensation shall be supplied by the individual IAC member or the member’s employer.      

Member Identification 

The names and affiliation of the Computer Graphics Industry Advisory Council members shall be published by the Department or University in appropriate media.   

Amendments to the IAB By-Laws 

These procedures can be reviewed and amended as seen appropriate for the stated purposes of the Industry Advisory Council.  A two thirds majority of IAC members AND CGT faculty present at a Council meeting shall be needed to amend the Council’s purposes and procedures.