Because our majors benefit from hands-on experiences to to assist in their learning, they need up-to-date labs and research facilities. Each department maintains and updates its learning facilities to provide real-world and technology experiences for their students. In addition, certain labs were created to focus on one type of research, led by faculty in the department.

The Distance Learning Lab is a facility where students in the distance learning program can learn in a stimulating and new environment.

The Graduate Lab provides students with an environment where they are able to explore as well as develop the skills and knowledge in order to create new processes, new innovations, new technology in order to increase efficiency and performance.

The High Performance Computer Graphics Laboratory at Purdue University focuses on research in the fields of procedural modeling, computer and computational graphics, real-time rendering, visualization, computer animation and perceptual problems.

Visit the lab's web page for more information.

The IDEA Lab encourages creative thinking, interactive media and animation for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Purdue's Product Lifecycle Management Lab is an interdisciplinary research center.  The Center fuses the talents and resources from the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, Engineering, Science, and Krannert School of Management into a single focused entity to serve as a resource for industry.  Through the study, training, and implementation of product lifecycle management (PLM), the Center draws on expertise from all areas of the Purdue community to provide the Center's partners in business and industry with knowledge and tools.