Because our majors benefit from hands-on experiences to assist in their learning, they need up-to-date labs and research facilities. Each department maintains and updates its learning facilities to provide real-world and technology experiences for their students. In addition, certain labs were created to focus on one type of research, led by faculty in the department.

The Department of Computer Graphics Technology is a global leader in preparing students for careers in the games and animation industries. Alumni have gone on to work at Disney, DreamWorks and Industrial Light and Magic. The hotbed of that creativity is the Games Innovation Lab.

Created with a nod to the traditional roots of analog art and design, this new lab in Heavilon Hall will enable the exploration of history, art and theory alongside cutting-edge technologies. Students in this lab will develop a range of skills, from previsualization and drawing to motion capture and animation.

The High Performance Computer Graphics Laboratory at Purdue University focuses on research in the fields of procedural modeling, computer and computational graphics, real-time rendering, visualization, computer animation and perceptual problems.

In the IDEAlab, Prof. Adamo and her students conduct research on the creation of new character modeling/animation methods and interfaces to improve Human-Computer Interaction, and are engaged in research and design of innovative animation-based learning tools for Engineering, Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science Education.

The Visual Effects Lab is a state-of-the-art production studio where students produce videos with Hollywood-like production values right on campus.

The VR Lab was established by Dr. Christos Mousas to pursue research in virtual reality, virtual humans, computer graphics & animation, intelligent systems, and human-computer interaction.