CGT Work Experience Requirements

CGT Work Experience Requirements

The Polytechnic Institute requires internships or other workforce-like activities as part of the formal plans of study. These real-world experiences will help expose students to the expectations of their profession prior to graduation. This may occur through industry work experience, community service, professional practice courses, research assistantships, et cetera. In order to complete the CGT professional work experience requirement for graduation, students must complete one of the approved options below.

Options to complete

The most common path to fulfill graduation work experience requirements is through professional internships. The CGT department recognizes validated work experiences through (1) professional internships which are not for credit, (2) internships for credit through TECH39699 Professional Practice course, and/or (3) for alternate options that require approval which may include possible credit taken through other departments or through course request. See *Alternate options below.

All internships must be verified and reported to your academic advisor.

Professional Internship (about 240 hours)
  1. Complete professional or volunteer internship at company.


    1. Complete about 240 hours of work related to your field of study.
    2. Submit the CGT work verification form online.
    3. Advisor approves the internship based on;
      • review of supervisor responses, and
      • verification of hours and overall quality of the work experience.
TECH39699 Professional Practice (minimum of 2 credits)
  1. Internship course (TECH39699), more info at CGT Internships information


    1. BEFORE COURSE: Find and apply to internship opportunities related to your field of study and receive internship offer,
      • complete the TECH39699 application survey, request via the work experience coordinator-
      • submit required documentation to work experience coordinator, and wait for approval.
      • Once approved, register for TECH39699 and notify advisor to set credits to 0 or 3. This is a Pass/No Pass course only.

    2. DURING COURSE: Complete course learning outcomes, including but not limited to;
      • complete required hours (approximately 240 hours of professional work),
      • submit course requirements, and
      • get supervisor verification of hours and overall quality of the work experience.

    3. AFTER COURSE: Receive a passing grade and confirm completion with your advisor.

*Alternate options 

*If you are unable to obtain an internship, you may request approval through other departments or through course request to use one of the alternate experiences below.   ALL options below will require approval through your advisor and/or your faculty supervisor.  Requests ​for course approvals should be submitted to the CGT Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Chair for consideration, allowing at least four academic weeks for review and response. 

*CO-OP program (minimum of 2 credits)
* EPICS courses (2 courses, or a minimum of 2 credits)

Take 2 courses that are related to your field of study, confirm with your advisor when signing up. More info about registering for EPICS courses.

*Supervised Research courses (2 courses, or a minimum of 2 credits)

All options below require approval and must be coordinated with a faculty supervisor. 

  1. Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship (DURI), more info about applying to DURI
  2. Special Topics in Computer Graphics - CGT 49100
  3. CGT49800 Undergraduate Research in CGT
* Military Service

An advisor can approve based on documentation of service. This can include; ROTC completion, reservist, active duty, veteran.