Hiring our Students

Put Polytechnic students to work for you!
Polytechnic students are eager to put their skills and new classroom knowledge to work for you. Having a Polytechnic student in your business also provides your employees an opportunity to hone their management skills. Here’s how to take advantage of these opportunities!

Career Fairs
Career fairs are opportunities for you to display information about your business while meeting and speaking, one-on-one, with dozens of students who are studying for careers in your industry. While you’re here, you can network with other leaders in your industry. Join us for a career fair on the Purdue campus and shake some hands!

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Internship Program
Students in the Polytechnic’s internship program typically spend the term away from on-campus classes, working for an employer. This allows your intern to become immersed in your business environment.

Cooperative (CO-OP) Education Program
Students in the Polytechnic’s co-op program alternate their semesters of full-time study with sessions of full-time work. They bring their fresh industry knowledge to your workplace and apply classroom theory to your projects.