Industry and Community Engagement

The mission of the Purdue Polytechnic Office of Engagement is to build relationships— with industry, the community, government, and beyond— for the purposes of furthering educational and research missions, and transforming traditional schooling into a new model for delivering higher education in the 21st century. We oversee a number of programs such as:

  • Extensive K-­‐12 programs
  • Workforce education
  • Undergraduate/graduate research opportunities
  • International capstone and internships
  • Industrial internships & Co-­Ops

We don’t want our graduates to spend the first year or two of their careers preparing for their job. We want them to be ready on day one as productive members of their team, company, and community. The Office of Engagement is helping to create and give our graduates, advantages that will help them throughout their lives.

Creating a more involved generation and investing our future… We are the Boilermakers!

Students networking at the AITP Career Fair

Students networking at the AITP Career Fair

Industry & Workforce Education

Current Students

Industrial Engineering Technology graduates have more job opportunities than other majors because the scope of our program is wider than the other majors that are more specific. Also, since I’ve been at Purdue, my major has constantly been changing in order to meet the needs of the students and to better prepare for industry. Purdue embraces the idea of continuous improvement. I definitely think that sets it apart from others.
Mel'Dre D. King
Industrial Engineering Technology

Engagement News and Events

Apr 16: Purdue Aviation Day 11:00 am to 4:00 pm