Cyber Forensics Lab

The Purdue University Cyber Forensics Lab is a national academic leader in Education & Training, Applied & Basic Research, and Investigative Support of Digital Forensic Science and Cyber Forensics. Our strengths lie in the applied research and technological solutions for the technical and theoretical challenges that exist in our specific domains. Our involvement with Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, the Intelligence Community, and other Private Entities keeping us and our students on the cutting edge of identifying and engaging future trends and threats.

Our Mission:

To act as a National Lab for providing Cyber Forensics: Education & Training, - Applied & Basic Research, - Investigative Support. The Lab's mandate extends to the four communities involved in the emerging scientific discipline of Digital Forensic Sciences/Cyber Forensics: - Law Enforcement, - Military, - Private Sector, and - Academia

Facility Location Faculty Contact Courses Taught in This Facility
Knoy 228 Marcus Rogers, eric katz CNIT 42000, CNIT 55600, CNIT 42100, CNIT 55700, CNIT 58100, CNIT 49900