Engineering/ Technology Teacher Education Lab



The ETTE Research and Teaching Lab is a research and teaching facility focused on secondary level teaching STEM concepts within secondary technology education. This facility provides pre-service engineering/technology teachers opportunities to work with state of the art tools of innovation such as rapid prototyping equipment, parametric modeling, 3 D scanning. Pre-service teachers will learn how to integrate these tools of innovation into middle and high school STEM education programs.  This facility also provides educational researchers opportunity to investigate the impact of these tools of innovation on students’ learning STEM concepts. Thus, research on teacher education in this context as well as professional development of in-service teachers is readily available. Possible research opportunities include pilot testing P-12 STEM curriculum, conduct observational studies of K-12 engineering design based learning experiences, reflective teacher practitioner observations and studies of team dynamics can occur in this research and teaching lab space.

Facility Location Faculty Contact
Young 344 Nathan Mentzer