Metal Castings Laboratory

The Metal Castings Laboratory provides instruction and research in casting and solidification processing of metals and alloys. The lab provides students opportunities to put theory into practice and experience firsthand how to make castings and use simulation tools for improving the quality of castings. Upon graduation students will have experience on the processing steps of making castings: melting of alloys, mold making, pouring liquid metals, cleaning castings, and evaluating the quality of castings.

Research and application:

Current research includes funded projects from the North American Die Casting Association and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The lab is also used to assist companies such as Chrysler Kokomo Casting Plant and Ryobi Diecasting to improve production efficiency. Additional research has resulted in a recent patent application entitled "Method for producing Particulate-Reinforced Composites Using Acoustic Vibrations".

Lab equipment:

  • Induction melting unit with two 300 lb., hydraulically controlled Inductotherm furnaces
  • Molding capabilities include green sand, chemically bonded sand, evaporative pattern, rubber molding, and permanent molding
  • 16-ton THT diecasting machine
  • Spectrometer for measuring chemical composition of various alloys
  • Property testing and inspection capabilities for green sand
  • Computer simulation software, MAGMA, for simulation of mold filling and solidification processes


Lost foam casting

Metal casting molds


Facility Location Faculty Contact
SF1400 Xiaoming Wang, Clayton Kibbey