Raisbeck Advanced Composite Laboratory

Raisbeck Lab

Raisbeck Advanced Composites Laboratory (RACL)

The Raisbeck Advanced Composite Laboratory is a multi-disciplinary laboratory for the manufacturing of advanced composite materials. The laboratory is equipped to support the complete composite material manufacturing process, from part and mold design to final part manufacturing. Faculty and staff are experts in composite part, mold and ply design and manufacturing processes. Supported manufacturing processes include wet layup and prepreg layup with both autoclave and out of autoclave curing, resin transfer molding, compression molding, and additive manufacturing. A 3D metrology system is used for surface deviation analysis and reverse engineering. Faculty and staff are experienced in the fabrication of test specimens, and are capable of testing specimens for mechanical, thermal and surface property characterization. We look forward to future collaboration with you.

Facility Location Faculty Contact
IMI 150 Ronald Sterkenburg, Garam Kim