Innovation 2019



Gary B 150We have dramatically transformed the Purdue Polytechnic Institute.

Change is never easy – especially at the scale our college has pursued – but I have learned to appreciate even more the remarkable dedication and resiliency of our faculty, staff and leadership team throughout the journey.

Everyone’s hard work has brought results worthy of recognition and celebration. This issue of Innovation Magazine highlights only a fraction of the faculty who have been leaders in our transformation. You will also learn how our departments brought our 10 elements of transformation to life. These fascinating stories of challenge and growth represent opportunities seized and provide a peek into our college’s future.

The seeds for success planted in 2013 have already grown into a harvest of giant forward leaps for the college. In the fall 2018 semester, we reached major milestones on our journey of transformation. With our highest all-time new beginner enrollment, the University’s top graduate placement rate, and a 60 percent increase in funded research awards, the Polytechnic is making things happen for our students, our graduates and our faculty. Our 92 percent retention rate exceeds the university average.

In addition, over the past five years, our continuing commitment to diversity and inclusion has resulted in a 60 percent increase in enrollment of undergraduate women and a 25 percent increase in enrollment of under-represented minorities. See the enrollment growth story for more information on our record-setting progress.

These impressive gains are only the beginning for our growing college. Purdue is submitting to the State a request for a new building, adjacent to Knoy Hall, to be shared between the Polytechnic and the College of Engineering. And, with the successful opening of Purdue Polytechnic High School in Indianapolis, plans are underway to open our second high school in fall 2019.

As Purdue University celebrates 150 Years of Giant Leaps, this special issue of Innovation Magazine defines and celebrates the last several years of Purdue Polytechnic’s most meaningful accomplishments. Our ongoing efforts represent the most significant evolution of the college since its formation in 1964. Our transformation for the digital age is, truly, a Giant Leap forward.

Boiler Up!


Gary R. Bertoline, Dean and Distinguished Professor