Program Schedule

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Monday, June 7
10:00-10:20 am

Opening Remarks

Welcome by Dean Carrie Berger

10:20-11:20 am Plenary Talk 1, Piero P Bonissone "Prognostics and Health Maintenance (PHM) Analytics for Industrial AI,"  (pdf) chaired by Vladik Kreinovich
11:20am -1:20 pm ROOM A ROOM B
  Biomedical applications. Chairs: Jozo Dujmovic, Kelly Cohen Interval techniques. Chairs: Marina Mizukoshi, Christian Servin
11:20-11:40 am Jozo Dujmovic and Daniel Tomasevich "COVID-19 Vaccination Priority Evaluation" (Best Paper Award) Flaulles Bergamaschi and Regivan Santiago "A Study on Constrained Interval Arithmetic"
11:40am-12:00 Michele Lopes, Francielle Santo Pedro, Laecio Barros, Estevao Esmi, and Daniel Sanchez "Use of t-norm in an epidemiological model for COVID-19" (Best Student Paper Award) Laxman Bokati, Olga Kosheleva and Vladik Kreinovich "How Much For a Set: General Case of Decision Making Under Set-Valued Uncertainty "
12:00-12:20 pm Nicholas DeGroote and Kelly Cohen "A Genetic Fuzzy Approach for the Prediction of Heart Failure" Chenyi Hu, Victor Sheng, Ningning Wu, and Xintao Wu "Managing Uncertainty in Crowdsourcing with Interval-valued Labels"
12:20-12:40 pm Allison Murphy "Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Diagnostic) Data Analysis Using GFS-TSK" Marina Tuyako Mizukoshi and Weldon Alexander Lodwick "Interval Arithmetic: WSM, CIA or RDM?"
    Education. Chairs: Marina Mizukoshi, Christian Servin
12:40- 1:00 pm Dennis Stuhlman "A Method to Optimize and Automate the Distribution of Radiology Studies" (Outstanding Paper Award) Christian Servin "Fuzzy Information Processing: Educational Perspective from the First Two-Years in Computing Curricula" (Outstanding Paper Award)
1:00- 1:20 pm Anoop Sathyan, Weihong Yuan, David Fleck, Scott Bonnette, Jed Diekfuss, Marissa Martis, Austin Gable, Gregory Myer, Mekibib Altaye, Jonathan Dudley, and Kelly Cohen " Genetic Fuzzy Methodology to Predict Time To Return To Play From Sports-Related Concussion" (Outstanding Paper Award) Christian Servin, Olga Kosheleva and Vladik Kreinovich "What Teachers Can Learn from Machine Learning"
1:20- 2:10 pm lunch break -- SpatialChat rooms will be available for participants to virtually mingle
2:10- 3:10 pm Plenary Talk 2, Jerry Mendel "Explainable AI (XAI) for Rule-Based Fuzzy Systems," chaired by Scott Dick
3:10- 3:20 pm break -- SpatialChat rooms will be available for participants to virtually mingle
3:20- 5:00 pm ROOM A ROOM B
  Relation between fuzzy and other uncertainty techniques. Chairs: Bart Kosko, Barnabas Bede Applications I. Chairs: Julia Rayz, Ildar Batyrshin
3:20- 3:40 pm Bart Kosko "Uniform mixture convergence of continuously transformed fuzzy systems" (Best Paper Award) Andrew Barth, Kelly Cohen, and Ou Ma "A Fuzzy Logic Approach for Spacecraft Landing Site Selection" (Honorable Mention for Student Paper)
3:40- 4:00 pm Barnabas Bede and Aeon Wiliams "Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems with Triangular Membership Functions as Interpretable Neural Networks"

Heath Palmer and Kelly Cohen "Genetic Fuzzy Hand Gesture Classifier"

4:00- 4:20 pm Gustavo Costa and Laecio Carvalho de Barros "Why are Fuzzy and Stochastic Calculus Different?" Joseph Cohen and Jun Ni "A Deep Fuzzy Semi-Supervised Approach to Clustering and Fault Diagnosis of Partially Labeled Semiconductor Manufacturing"
4:20- 4:40 pm Kyle Dunlap, Kelly Cohen and Kerianne Hobbs "Comparing the Explainability and Performance of Reinforcement Learning and Genetic Fuzzy Systems for Safe Satellite Docking" (Outstanding Paper Award) Geetanjali Bihani and Julia Taylor Rayz "Fuzzy Classification of Multi-intent Utterances"
4:40- 5:00 pm Michael Hirsch and James Crowder "Machine Learning to Augment the Fusion Process for Data Classification" Xiaonan Jing, Yi Zhang, Qingyuan Hu and Julia Taylor Rayz "Modeling Fuzzy Cluster Transitions for Topic Tracing"
5:00- 5:10 pm break -- SpatialChat rooms will be available for participants to virtually mingle
5:10- 6:10 pm Plenary Talk 3, Dimitar Filev, "Trends in AI Inspired Automated Driving Policies," chaired by Barnabas Bede
Tuesday, June 8
10:00-11:00 am Plenary Talk 4, Marek Reformat, "Fuzziness and Web Intelligence," chaired by Juan Carlos Figueroa Garcia
11:00-11:10 am break -- SpatialChat rooms will be available for participants to virtually mingle
11:10am - 1:10 pm Panel on eXplainable AI. Chairs: Kelly Cohen, Nick Ernest, Tim Arnett

Panel Discussion "Explainable AI";  Organizer: Nick Ernest; Panelists: Oscar Cordon, Anca Ralescu, Hugo Boronat

11:55am-12:25pm Explainable AI Challenge - Student Competition. Organizers: Nick Ernest, Tim Arnett, Brandon Kunkel, Lynn Pickering, Javier Viana Perez
12:25-13:10pm Panel Discussion "Assured Autonomy" Organizer: Tim Arnett; Panelists: Alexander Heit, Kerianne Hobbs, Elad Kivelevitch
1:10- 2:00 pm lunch break -- SpatialChat rooms will be available for participants to virtually mingle
2:00- 3:00 pm Plenary Talk 5, Ljiljana Trajkovic, "Data mining and machine learning for detecting traffic anomalies and intrusions," chaired by Martine Ceberio
3:00- 3:10 pm break -- SpatialChat rooms will be available for participants to virtually mingle
3:10- 5:10 pm ROOM A ROOM B
  Applications II. Chairs: Kelly Cohen, Fernando Gomide Fuzzy techniques I. Chairs: Juan Carlos Figueroa Garcia, Olga Kosheleva
3:10- 3:30 pm Beatriz Laiate, Estevao Esmi, Francielle Santo Pedro Simoes, and Laecio Barros "Solutions of systems of linear fuzzy differential equations for a special class of fuzzy processes" Juan Carlos Figueroa-Garcia, Carlos Franco, and Jhoan Sebastian Tenjo Garcia "A note on the KM algorithm for computing the variance of an Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Set"
3:30- 3:50 pm Xin Li and Kelly Cohen "Abstractive Representation Modeling for Image Classification" Rodrigo Noronha "A New GA-PSO Optimization Methodology with Fuzzy Adaptive Inertial Weight"
3:50- 4:10 pm Felipe Longo, Beatriz Laiate, Francielle Santo Pedro Simoes, Estevao Esmi, Laecio Barros, and Joao Frederico da Costa Azevedo Meyer "A-cross product for autocorrelated fuzzy processes: the Hutchinson equation" Olga Kosheleva and Vladik Kreinovich "A Natural Formalization of Changing-One's-Mind Leads to Square Root of 'Not' and to Complex-Valued Fuzzy Logic"
4:10- 4:30 pm Owen Macmann, Kelly Cohen and Franck Cazaurang "Fuzzy-Flatness Hybrid Fault-Tolerant Control" Gabriela Surita, Andre Lemos, and Fernando Gomide "Fuzzy Baselines to Stabilize Policy Gradient Reinforcement"
4:30- 4:50 pm Kanishka Misra and Julia Taylor Rayz "Finding Fuzziness in Neural Network Models of Language Processing" (Honorable Mention for Student Paper) Vinicius Wasques "Numerical Solution for Fuzzy Partial Differential Equations with Interactive Fuzzy Boundary Conditions"
4:50- 5:10 pm Katherine O'Grady, Javier Viana and Kelly Cohen "Predicting Diabetes Diagnosis with Binary-to-Fuzzy Extrapolations and Weights Tuned via Genetic Algorithm" Francisco Zapata, Olga Kosheleva and Vladik Kreinovich "Fuzzy Logic Leads to a More Adequate Way of Processing Likert-Scale Values: Case Study of Burnout"
Wednesday, June 9
10:00-11:00 am Plenary Talk 6,  Jin Wei Kocsis, "Intelligent Soft Computing-Based Security Control for Smart Energy Systems," (pdf)  chaired by Julia Rayz
11:00-11:10 am break -- SpatialChat rooms will be available for participants to virtually mingle
11:10am - 1:10 pm ROOM A ROOM B
  Applications III. Chairs: Jin Wei Kocsis, Oscar Castillo Fuzzy techniques and fuzzy theory. Chairs: Igor Skrjanc, Christian Servin
11:10-11:30 am

Camilo Franco and Daniela Cadavid "Estimating fuzzy possibility functions for e-commerce decision support" (Outstanding Student Paper Award)

Ziga Strzinar and Igor Skrjanc "Self-tuned model-based predictive control using evolving fuzzy model of a non-linear dynamic process"
11:30-11:50 am Lynn Pickering and Kelly Cohen "Toward Explainable AI - Genetic Fuzzy Systems - A Use Case" Olga Kosheleva and Vladik Kreinovich "Each Realistic Continuous Functional Dependence Implies a Relation Between Some Variables: A Theoretical Explanation of a Fuzzy-Related Empirical Phenomenon"
11:50am-12:10 pm Matthew Terry and Kelly Cohen "Fuzzy Tunes" Julio Urenda, Christian Servin, Olga Kosheleva, and Vladik Kreinovich "Mexican Folk Arithmetic Algorithm Makes Perfect Sense"
12:10-12:30 pm Javier Viana and Kelly Cohen "Fuzzy-based, Noise-Resilient, Explainable Algorithm for Regression" Kelly Cohen, Laxman Bokati, Martine Ceberio, Olga Kosheleva, and Vladik Kreinovich "Why Fuzzy Techniques in Explainable AI? Which Fuzzy Techniques in Explainable AI?"
12:30-12:50 pm Tatiana Ringenberg, Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar, and Julia Rayz "Uncertainty to Avoid Entrapment: Comparing Internet Stings to Real Victim Conversations" (Outstanding Student Paper Award) Javier Viana and Kelly Cohen "Evaluation Criteria for Noise Resilience in Regression Algorithms"
12:50- 1:10 pm Moein Sabounchi and Jin Wei-Kocsis "FLTRL: A Fuzzy-Logic Transfer Learning Powered Reinforcement Learning Method for Intelligent Online Control in Power Systems" Christian Servin (moderator) "Fuzzy Education Committee and Working Group on Teaching Fuzzy Logic and Related Areas: Announcement and Discussion"
1:10- 2:10 pm lunch break -- SpatialChat rooms will be available for participants to virtually mingle
2:10- 3:10 pm NAFIPS General Meeting
3:10- 4:10 pm Plenary Talk 7, Yingxu Wang, "Advances in Intelligence Mathematics (IM) following Lotfi Zadeh's Vision on Fuzzy Logic and Semantic Computing," chaired by Victor Raskin
4:10- 4:30 pm Closing