Student Activities

NAFIPS'21 will feature a number of student activities:

Best student paper competition: every first-author student is eligible to complete for the best student paper, evaluated both for written paper and presentation. 

Explainable Fuzzy AI Challenge: more information can be found here. (Please note the timeline)


Congratulations to the recipients of NAFIPS'21student paper awards:

Best student paper award:  

  • Michele Lopes, Francielle Santo Pedro, Laecio Barros, Estevao Esmi, and Daniel Sanchez "Use of t-norm in an epidemiological model for COVID-19"

Outstanding Student Paper Awards:

  • Camilo Franco and Daniela Cadavid "Estimating fuzzy possibility functions for e-commerce decision support"
  • Tatiana Ringenberg, Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar and Julia Rayz "Uncertainty to Avoid Entrapment: Comparing Internet Stings to Real Victim Conversations"

Honorable Mention:

  • Andrew Barth, Kelly Cohen, and Ou Ma "A Fuzzy Logic Approach for Spacecraft Landing Site Selection"
  • Kanishka Misra and Julia Taylor Rayz "Finding Fuzziness in Neural Network Models of Language Processing"