Aviation lab plans for Hangar of the Future

Alex Thill, Tim Ropp, Mike Davis, and Yiwen Liu review checklist procedures for starting the engines on the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology's large jet while testing augmented reality assisted visual checklists and advanced work instructions created by the students. (Purdue University photo/Rebecca Wilcox)

With augmented reality goggles and sensor-embedded aircraft prototype parts, Hangar 1 in the Niswonger Aviation Technology Building feels like the set of the latest sci-fi movie, but this lab is anything but fiction -- it's the Hangar of the Future Research Laboratory.

The Hangar of the Future was established in 2009 as a way to generate "next generation" student and faculty research and development projects whose goals mirror the incredible advancement of the aerospace and air transportation industry's "smart" air vehicles, propulsion systems and airports.

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