Benes to study computational graphics as part of fellowship

Bedrich Benes, associate professor of computer graphics technology, has received a Faculty Fellowship for Study in a Second Discipline for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Benes, who focuses on creating advanced computational simulations and visualizations using modern graphics processors, will study in the School of Materials Engineering. He will explore computational modeling and simulation within the materials sciences.

“This fellowship will allow me to develop a new field of research: computational graphics,” Benes said. “It will help me to be uniquely qualified to support interdisciplinary work by strategically combining my computer graphics expertise with materials science knowledge. I will be able to apply my work to the solution of complex problems in both fields.”

Benes, who is the director of the High Performance Computer Graphics Lab, will work with Lia Stanciu and Edwin Garcia, both associate professors in the School of Materials Engineering.

Benes is one of two College of Technology professors selected for the fellowship, which was awarded to five professors University-wide. Chien-tsung Lu, associate professor of aviation technology, will study in the Department of Computer and Information Technology in the College of Technology.

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