Engineering Technology adds two majors

Energy Engineering Technology

In fall 2019, Purdue Polytechnic’s School of Engineering Technology introduced two new majors that are now available as part of the electrical engineering technology program.

Energy Engineering Technology

Polytechnic students in the major learn about energy use and the engineering principles necessary to make systems – from renewable energy to industry-scale HVAC systems, and from creation to end-user – work smoothly and efficiently. The Applied Energy Lab provides these students with hands-on experience with solar energy and the energy use of high-performance buildings.

Computer Engineering Technology

Polytechnic students in the computer engineering technology major gain a broad understanding of how microcomputer systems can be designed to sense the environment and control the systems that contain them. These students work daily with the tools familiar to all engineering professionals and will complete an industry-sponsored project that puts their knowledge to work on a real-world problem. In short, graduates of this program are professionals who understand the computer and its surrounding electronic systems.

This article first appeared in Innovation Magazine, published annually by Purdue Polytechnic for alumni and friends.

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