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Alumni Spotlight: Amy Noah, Boilermaker & connection-maker

As vice president for development, Amy Noah (BS organizational leadership and supervision ’94) serves as Purdue’s chief connection-maker, focusing on building relationships between the University and alumni, friends, corporations and foundations. She believes that nurturing healthy, long-lasting relationships is the best way to find the support that Purdue needs to advance its mission.

Intelligent Learning Factory prepares Polytechnic graduates for Industry 4.0

Ragu Athinarayanan and Grant Richards are organizing Purdue Polytechnic’s Intelligent Manufacturing Initiative to prepare graduates equipped to make decisions and solve problems based on data from artificial intelligence, robotics, cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other advanced technologies in automation and data exchange.

CGT professors aim to create lifelike online teachers capable of emotion and emotional intelligence

Nicoletta Adamo and Bedrich Benes are researching the ways in which emotional computer-animated instructors affect student learning. Their research also aims to guide the design of affective (that is, emotion-generating) on-screen agents that work well for different types of learners.

Gateway to Innovation: $140M complex to provide major expansion of instructional space

In mid-2019, the Purdue University Board of Trustees approved a major construction project for Purdue’s Polytechnic Institute and College of Engineering. The “Engineering and Polytechnic Gateway” project will provide a total of 255,000 gross square feet and will increase both the quality and quantity of instructional lab space.