External funding for March 2014

During March 2014, the College of Technology received external funding totaling $332,918.66.

Faculty who received funding (all are principal investigators unless otherwise noted) were:

  • Bedrich Benes, Computer Graphics Technology, 12-13 Bridge Funding, Purdue University, $34,449.51
  • Thomas Carney (co-PI), Mary Johnson (co-PI), Aviation Technology, Project 4: Weather Technology in the Cockpit Program, Federal Aviation Administration, $112,333.15
  • Austin Creasy, Mechanical Engineering Technology (Columbus), Data Acquisition for Monitoring Chatter (DAMC), The Vibration Institute, $3,800
  • Melissa Dark (co-PI), Computer and Information Technology, Preparing Cyber Security Leaders, National Science Foundation, $7,650
  • Brian Dillman (PI), Mary Johnson (co-PI), Aviation Technology, Project 3: Angle of Attack Equipment for General Aviation Operations, Federal Aviation Administration, $8,193
  • Chris Foreman, Electrical Engineering Technology, Foreman-Intel Research, Intel Corp., $25,000
  • Thomas Hacker (co-PI), Computer and INformation Technology, Statement of Work for Activities Related to the U.S. CMS Software and Computing User Facilities Sub-Project For Fiscal Year 2014, Princeton University, $75,000
  • Nathan Hartman, Computer Graphics Technology, Product Lifecycle Management Center of Excellence (PLM), Rolls-Royce Corp., $50,000
  • Eric Matson, Computer and Information Technology, John Deere Field Robotics Development, John Deere Tech Innovation Center, $6,493
  • Mark Thom, Aviation Technology, Baere Aerospace Extended Materials Compatibility Testing, Baere Aerospace Consulting Inc, $10,000

The amounts listed are disbursements in a specific month and may not reflect the entire amount of a project’s funding.