External funding for November 2012

During November 2012, the College of Technology received external funding that totaled  $340,916.

Faculty who received funding (all are principal investigators unless otherwise noted) were:

  • Stephen Elliott, Technology Leadership & Innovation, ANSI Support, American National Standards Institute, $9,000
  • Stephen Elliott, Technology Leadership & Innovation, Advancing Commercial Participation in the NSTIC Ecosystem, Daon, $74,484
  • Stephen Elliott, Technology Leadership & Innovation, Eyeverify Data Capture, EyeVerify LLC, $25,299
  • Thomas Hacker (PI) and Raymond Hansen (Co-PI), Computer and Information Technology, Strategic Collaboration on Advanced Data Analysis and Communication between Purdue University and University of Stavanger, University of Stavanger, $101,702
  • Qingyou Han, Mechanical Engineering Technology, SEM and Microstructure Analysis of Aluminum Alloy and Component, RYOBI Die Casting (USA) Inc, $2,000
  • Henry Kraebber, Mechanical Engineering Technology, SAP - Integrating Research into Classrooms, Kinley Trust, $12,000
  • Athula Kulatunga, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, Sinkable Power Source, Purdue University, $26,560
  • Marcus Rogers, Computer and Information Technology, Teaching Matt for Security Business Intelligence, Intel Corporation, $50,000
  • Edie Schmidt, Technology Leadership & Innovation, Informal Communication in Operation Management Area, Kimberly-Clark Corp., $9,871
  • Pankaj Sharma (Co-PI), Technology Leadership & Innovation, Purdue Energy Academy 2013, Duke Energy Foundation, $30,000