Meet Amber Lloyd, aviation management major

Amber Lloyd, Indianapolis, Ind.

Major: Aviation Management, with private and commercial pilot certificates


CoT Ambassadors
Science Bound Student Support Organization, president 2011-2012
Tutor for Hope Chapel
Peer Mentor in Science Bound
Undergraduate researcher

My major

Aviation is the web that connects the world. At Purdue, aviation management is split into three main disciplines: air traffic control, airport management, and airline management. My main reason for selecting airline management was because I love to travel and learn about different cultures. I have a plethora of future career opportunities in areas such as fleet management, finance, customer service, global operations, fleet scheduling and more. Just last semester I took a course called Global Aviation Systems that introduced me to aviation on a global scale. We learned how aviation is regulated in other countries, and more importantly, how that affects domestic operations here in the U.S. This course was the most interesting to me because a country’s culture, political views, and relations all tie into its aviation industry.

A ha!

I first got interested in aviation in the seventh grade. We had just moved into a new house, and we happened to be right under a flight route. I was so fascinated with the jets flying over our house that I decided then and there I wanted to be a pilot. Later, when I was working at a recreational facility, I told my boss about my dream to fly and she set me up a discovery flight. From there, the rest is history.

Making a difference

I want to be a global aviation operations manager. I really love traveling and meeting different people. I would love to serve as an ambassador for an international airline by establishing and sustaining business relationships around the world.

Industry research

My favorite experience has been my undergraduate research work with one of my aviation professors because I get direct industry experience. We’re working on improving Delta Air Lines’ turnaround procedure, which consists of servicing the aircraft between or before flights. One of the perks is that we get the chance to travel to Atlanta and work with company representatives. The entire project is a collaboration between undergraduate and graduate students along with help of Delta’s team.


I did a Maymester study abroad to China with my aviation professor, Chien-tsung Lu. We had a great time and learned a lot about Chinese culture and business. I even made a video about my experiences (watch it at: )

Natural born leader

I’ve noticed that wherever I go, I naturally assume the leadership role: when I do group projects in class, do projects at work, in my apartment with my friends. I’ve found that I’m always the one who leads and organizes. I love order.