Prepare to manage an airport, lead a team of air traffic controllers, run a company or help set aviation policy in the aviation industry.

Aviation Management

Aviation Management Major

A major in the Aviation Management Program
in the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology

At any given time there are thousands of airplanes crisscrossing the globe. Operations on the ground -- airports, airline companies, air traffic controllers, and more -- help ensure passenger safety, efficient logistics and healthy business practices. For these roles, the industry requires knowledgeable individuals with excellent critical thinking skills. With an aviation management degree, you will gain the knowledge and skills to be an important part of the complex airline industry.

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Program Educational Goals (PEGs)—Aviation Management

The educational goal of the B.S. in Aviation Management program is to progressively develop proficiency in the following six competencies. At least 80% of the students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities in each of these competencies by scoring 80% or better at the proficient level.

  • Leadership
  • Subject Matter Excellence
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Individual Resilience and Innovation

Three levels of performance were identified for each competency: emerging (level 1), developing (level 2), and proficient (level 3).

What can I do?

Airline dispatcher
Airport operations director
Revenue management analyst

Where can I go?

United States Air Force
Universal Asset Management (UAM)
Southwest Airlines
American Airlines
I wanted a very hands-on, jump right in kind of environment and am very thankful I was directed to Purdue Polytechnic. I started getting real experience from my first year, and I’ve gotten to know several professors who do whatever it takes to make sure people are learning.
Tyler Housholder
Aviation Management
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About the school/department

The School of Aviation and Transportation Technology is focused on providing the education and skills necessary to create and build airworthy machines, manage all facets of the aviation industry, and safely pilot aircraft for a variety of consumers. Research projects touch on the same topics as well as NextGen aviation challenges, alternative aviation fuel and general aviation issues.

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