Meet Yuetian Wang, electrical engineering technology major

Yuetian Wang, Shenzhen, China

Major: Electrical Engineering Technology


Association of Electrical Technologists (AET)
Soccer club

My major

Innovation is the most important part. First you have an idea, then you will make it happen. You are a maker. Electrical engineering technology is for people who like hands-on stuff and who like to build projects. I also like to figure out things for myself outside of class. I dealt with LED cubes, which I built as part of the AET club. If you are interested in something, you can work on it outside of class and try to build it yourself.

A ha!

My father is an engineer in China. He works with power supply. When I went to his factory, I saw from the beginning to the end of the power supply. It’s magic! Resistors and capacitors can be put together and power a computer; that’s really cool. In ECET 20900 (Introduction to Microcontrollers), we had to use a programmable board to control a motor and a light at the same time. For our final lab, we had to control fan, motor and a light at the same time. When it worked, I felt like “wow, I can do this. You are a maker right now!” I like to program to control something. I want to do a program to control my garage door.

Making a difference

I will try to have a company and design some very cool stuff just to make life better. I’ll use my products to help other people.

Student organizations

I had the chance to be a member of AET club. We have tutoring, we have a small group, and we build stuff. We have a go-kart, and we built it together. This semester we had more members coming in. We had professionals coming in to talk about careers and jobs. We’re a social group that provides the opportunity to have leadership experience and to build projects.