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Defining Technology by its alumni

The careers of Technology graduates can help place the discipline in context.

By Kim Medaris Delker

Technology is one of modern language’s most-used words. It also is one of the most vague and least understood.

Merriam-Webster defines “technology” as “the practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area,” but that definition leaves a lot open to interpretation.

Student research on astronaut restraints published in JPUR

As part of their senior design course in aviation, three students undertook a project to design an electronic personal restraint system for NASA astronauts to use in microgravity environments. The design, created by Kevin Tait, Justin Lewis and Justin Hickel, would  allow an astronaut to walk along a surface while being electromagnetically restrained to it. The system would also release the user in the event of power failure.

Meet Daniel Golladay, aeronautical engineering technology major

Daniel Golladay, Whitestown, Ind.

Major: Aeronautical Engineering Technology

My major

I love this stuff. I love working with my hands and being elbow deep in solvent, cleaning parts. It was what I was meant to do. The easiest explanation is I work on them and pilots fly them. I plan on being an airplane mechanic; I keep them running. They work you up the chain from your first year to getting an Airframe and Powerplant certification.