Polytechnic research awards - August 2017

Funded research awards for August 2017. Bolded names are Purdue Polytechnic faculty or staff; starred names are the principal investigators.

  • Exploring Biological Evidence (EBE): Helping Students Understand the Richness and Complexity of Evidentiary Constructs in Biology
    Investigator(s): Ala Samarapungavan**, Kari L. Clase, Stephanie M. Gardner, Nancy Pelaez, Aaron D. Rogat; Sponsor: National Science Foundation; Total $1,270,154; Polytechnic: $157,217.80
  • INSuRE 3.0: INSuRing the Effectiveness of Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Workforce Today
    Investigator(s): John A. Springer**, Melissa J. Dark; Sponsor: National Security Agency; Polytechnic: $832,465
  • A New MSP Partnership to Improve STEM Integration in Indiana
    Investigator(s): Siddika Guzey**, Paul A Asunda, Drew C. Ayres, Lynn A. Bryan, Minjung Ryu; Sponsor: Indiana Department of Education; Total $70,864; Polytechnic: $7,086.40
  • Global Good-Biometrics and Children Data Collection (Ages 0-5 year olds)
    Investigator(s): Stephen John Elliott**, Kevin J. O’Connor; Sponsor: Intellectual Ventures Mgmt., LLC; Polytechnic: $218,970
  • EAGER: Collaborative Research: A Science-Based Exploration of Invariant Signatures of Architecture, Engineering, and Constructions Objects to Enable Interoperability of BIM
    Investigator(s): Jiansong Zhang**; Sponsor: National Science Foundation; Polytechnic: $138,008
  • Automated Solar Panel Cleaner
    Investigator(s): Frederick C. Berry**; Sponsor: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Polytechnic: $6,000
  • EAGER: Collaborative Research: Inverse Procedural Material Modeling for Battery Design
    Investigator(s): Bedrich Benes**, R. Edwin Garcia; Sponsor: National Science Foundation; Total $150,264; Polytechnic: $90,158
  • Dongguk Research Extension
    Investigator(s): Eric T. Matson**; Sponsor: Dongguk Research Extension; Polytechnic: $9,000
  • Power and Energy: A STEM Program to Inspire Leadership in S and T for the Workforce of the Future Fleet
    Investigator(s): Maureen C. McCann**, James Eric Dietz, Pankaj Sharma; Sponsor: Office of Naval Research; Total $199,970; Polytechnic: $109,983.50
  • Conceptual Model-based Problem Solving (COMPS): A Response to Intervention Program
    Investigator(s): Yan Ping Xin**, Yingjie Chen, Signe E. Kastberg; Sponsor: National Science Foundation; Total $112,659; Polytechnic: $22,531.80
  • Workshop to Explore US/Korean Collaboration in Human-Friendly Co-Robotic Technologies
    Investigator(s): Richard M. Voyles**, Byung-Cheol Min; Sponsor: National Science Foundation; Polytechnic: $14,980
  • Flexible 3-D Printed Sensors and Actuators
    Investigator(s): Jose M. Garcia Bravo**, Brittany A. Newell; Sponsor: The Vibration Institute; Polytechnic: $500
  • I-Test: Teachers and Researchers Advancing Integrated Lessons in STEM (TRAILS)
    Investigator(s): Todd R. Kelley**, Lynn A. Bryan, Jeffrey D. Holland; Sponsor: National Science Foundation; Total $320,907; Polytechnic: $160,453.50
  • Collaborative Research: I/UCRC for Robots and Sensors for the Human Well-being
    Investigator(s): Richard M. Voyles**; Sponsor: National Science Foundation; Polytechnic: $65,000
  • Center for Technology Development Consortium (CTD)
    Investigator(s): Haiyan H. Zhang**; Sponsor: American Axle & Mfg., Inc.; Polytechnic: $50,000

**Indicates principal investigator

Total Polytechnic awards = $1,882,354.00