Polytechnic research awards - February 2018

Funded research awards for February 2018. Bolded names are Purdue Polytechnic faculty or staff; starred names are the principal investigators.

  • Prediction of Motion Intention and Its Application on Treadmill
    Investigator(s): Xiumin Diao**; Sponsor: Tsinghua University; Polytechnic: $113,000
  • Low Fe & Mn Aluminum Alloy
    Investigator(s): Qingyou Han**; Sponsor: Industrial Partner; Polytechnic: $180,000
  • Engineering Technology Students: Graduation Rates and Diversity Issues
    Investigator(s): Anne Lucietto**; Sponsor: American Society for Engineering Education; Polytechnic: $2,112
  • Multi-Year Design & Innovation Purdue Polytechnic Curriculum
    Investigator(s): Greg Strimel**; Sponsor: VentureWell; Polytechnic: $29,000
  • Automated Parts Sorting System
    Investigator(s): Suranjan Panigrahi**; Sponsor: Lafayette Instrument Co., Inc.; Polytechnic: $9,666
  • Implementation of Sensor Arrays for a Waggle Stack; Mod 2 2018
    Investigator(s): Eric Matson**, Anthony Smith; Sponsor: Argonne National Laboratory; Polytechnic: $51,985
  • MEPDG Traffic Load Spectra for Local, Minor Arterial, Major Collector, and Minor Collector Roads
    Investigator(s): Yi Jiang**; Sponsor: Indiana Department of Transportation; Polytechnic: $175,000
  • S2I2: Impl: The Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) for the Democratization and Acceleration of Science
    Investigator(s): Michael Zentner**, Paul Parsons; Sponsor: University of California-San Diego; Total $35,000; Polytechnic: $7,000
  • Center for Materials Processing Research (CMPR)
    Investigator(s): Qingyou Han**; Sponsor: Wuhan Jingtai Science and Technology Co., Ltd.; Polytechnic: $13,000
    Investigator(s): John Mott**; Sponsor: Delta Air Lines Inc.; Polytechnic: $129,500

**Indicates principal investigator

Total Polytechnic awards = $710,263