Polytechnic research awards - May 2020

Funded research awards for May 2020. Bolded names are Purdue Polytechnic faculty or staff; starred names are the principal investigators.

  • 2020 INTAP Project - Hand Washing Station
    Investigator (s): Nathan Hartman**; Sponsor: Industry Partner; Polytechnic: $10,000
  • Advancing the Next Generation for Manufacturing Competitiveness: Establishing the Regional Talent Pipeline Ecosystem
    Investigator(s): Greg Strimel**; Sponsor: Region 4 Workforce Dev Board; Polytechnic: $153,575.63
  • Virtual Reality Augmented Hands-on Cryo-EM Training
    Investigator(s): Yingjie Chen**, Wen Jiang, Thomas Sors, William Watson; Sponsor: PHS-NIH National Eye Institute; Polytechnic: $36,764.7; Total: $122,549
  • Embedded Sensors and Actuators for Structural Health Monitoring Using Enhanced Materials in Additive Manufacturing
    Investigator(s): Jose Bravo Garcia**, Brittany Newell, Tyler Tallman; Sponsor: Naval Surface Warfare Center Indiana HD Div; Polytechnic: $80,400 Total: $120,000
  • PEGASAS: Augmented Weather Information Project
    Investigator(s): Mary Johnson, Barrett Caldwell**, Brandon Pitts; Sponsor: Federal Aviation Administration; Polytechnic: $22,162.2; Total: $147,748
  • Proposal for Capstone Project Support to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2020
    Investigator(s): Fred Berry**; Sponsor: Industry Partner; Polytechnic: $ 7,500

**Indicates principal investigator

Total Polytechnic awards = $310,402.53