Professor’s book on new sensor technologies is practical guide for students and researchers

Abdul Salam. (Purdue photo)

Dr. Abdul Salam, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer and Information Technology (CIT), has published a third book called “Internet of Things in Smart Sewer and Drainage Systems.” The book is both an academic reference for graduate students and researchers and a practical guide for engineers and technicians working with sewer and drainage systems.

Salam’s book addresses a gap in available literature in the field of combined sewer overflows (CSO) and stormwater management (SWM) systems.

“There is no book in the market which explores relationships between wireless communications and sensor technologies across many different areas of sewer and drainage systems by using the Internet of Underground Things,” he said.

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connection of physical objects to the internet or a cloud infrastructure, but the Internet of Underground Things, as Salam describes, is the use of a sensor network to help manage and monitor harder-to-see underground systems.

“My main motivation behind writing this book was that individuals in academia and the sewer system management business, which is mostly targeted to the applications of technology in big and small sanitary systems, lack awareness of emerging developments in IoT.”

As the use of technology in wastewater overflow is expanding, Salam wanted to write a book that would fill gaps in technologies, particularly those that could be useful in the CSO and SWM fields for data collection, design, interpretation, and making decisions in real-time. His book addresses both existing sensing technologies and those in development, offering hands-on guides in plain language along with MATLAB programs for models and analysis.

Salam says the book is currently being used by graduate students, wastewater technicians, academic researchers, sanitary engineers, industry professionals and managers, superintendents, and environmental specialists. It focuses on the three major areas of combined sewer overflows:

  1. CSO management
  2. subsurface sensing
  3. antennas in the layered medium

Dr. Salam’s new book was published by Springer Nature in December 2023 and is currently available in hardcover and eBook formats. He has also published two other books about using IoT in sustainable community development and fundamental issues in the Internet of Underground Things.


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