Purdue, AOPA to create aviation-related high school curriculum

Purdue University's Polytechnic Institute and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) have formed a partnership to develop aviation-related science and math curriculum for high schools across America.

Faculty with the university's School of Aviation and Transportation Technology and the AOPA developed a program that will be the first-of-its-kind, offering students comprehensive four-year aviation study options that are aligned to rigorous math and science standards used in many states.

Bernard Wulle, an associate professor of aviation technology, said the curriculum partnership can create an important first step for students interested in aviation at a time when finding and recruiting talented workers for the industry is a challenge.

"High school students who are curious about aviation can use this program to learn more about the industry," he said. "There are more areas than piloting and each require the math and science this curriculum stresses."

Julius Keller, assistant professor of aviation technology, is assisting with the partnership.

“This program potentially can have a great impact,” he said. “[It could help] people who are interested in aviation for the long term or even motivate them to do well in high school.”

The aviation-related curriculum will be offered at Purdue Polytechnic High School Indianapolis when it opens in August 2017.

Read the full news release from the Purdue News Service.

WLFI in West Lafayette covered the the announcement of the partnership as well.

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