Purdue Polytechnic South Bend reminds prospective students of local degree opportunities

Purdue Polytechnic's South Bend location is reminding prospective students in northern Indiana that it's possible to attend a Big Ten university while staying close to home.

"I came to Purdue South Bend to get my degree so I could get a good job," said Tek Lentine, a mechanical engineering technology graduate. "I [got] the quality and respect of a Purdue education without having to relocate."

"I was the first in my family to graduate college," said Nicole Spencer, an organizational leadership graduate. "Once I got my degree, so many things opened up."

Purdue Polytechnic South Bend offers eight degree programs, all designed to help students move up or start careers while studying in close proximity to work and home.

Purdue Polytechnic offers degrees in nine Indiana communities (including South Bend) in addition to the main campus at West Lafayette.