Monica Robison

Describe your potential job duties  

As a Service Engineer for Accelera by Cummins, my focus will be to investigate and understand electrified bus systems while documenting and recommending appropriate corrective actions for product issues.  

In what ways did the Polytechnic and/or Purdue help make you uniquely qualified for your new job?  

James Nzoyikorera

Describe your potential job duties  

Project management, process improvement, budget management, 2D and 3D printing, SolidWorks and AutoCAD designing. 

Who would you like to thank as you finish your time at Purdue and start your career? 

Sindie Ballotti, my advisor, played a big role in setting up my classes and helping me out with almost all the questions that I had during my time in the Polytechnic. 

Kaitlyn Ling

Describe your potential job duties 

I meet with customers to go over their expectations and the functions of their printed circuit boards. I create board layouts and instructions for the assembly process. I troubleshoot boards that have been returned for functionality issues. I am hopeful in the future that my job will also include designing printed circuit boards for customers. I started in January and I love being an engineer! 

Kaile Maston

Describe your potential job duties  

Fixing almost any hardware or software issue—from computer and phone networks, to making sure that classroom materials continue functioning as needed. 

In what ways did the Polytechnic and/or Purdue help make you uniquely qualified for your new job?  

Purdue Polytechnic helped me get a better understanding of the job I will be doing and help better prepare me for situations that may arise down the line as I get more workforce experience. 

Allison Transmission hosts high school engineers in Indianapolis for Purdue evGrandPrix’s “Test and Tune”

High schoolers from all over Indiana recently converged at Allison Transmission's Demonstration Track in Indianapolis for an all-electric go-kart test session. For many of the teams joining Purdue's evGrandPrix "Test and Tune" events this season, this is their high school's first experience with electric vehicle design, and they have no plans of slowing down.