Purdue Profiles: Bobby Chastain

Bobby Chastain understands that real-world experience is just as important as an academic degree when it comes to landing a job in the film and video industry.

Chastain is a Hall of Music Productions employee, a PhD candidate in the College of Technology, a Purdue graduate and formerly worked in Los Angeles as a special effects technician. He uses his experience in the industry to help Purdue's film and video studies students learn the industry's ropes before they even graduate.
He earned his master's degree from the College of Technology in computer graphics technology. He enjoys the chance he has to teach others and to learn from several disciplines on campus.

"I love being in front of a classroom, and I intend to continue pursuing that career for some time," Chastain said. "I did quite a bit of work in the College of Education, and that informs my work in the classroom as well as program improvement and development through our co-curricular activities at Hall of Music Productions. One of my focus areas is in editing and post-production, and those areas were enhanced by my work in CGT."

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