alumni and friends award winner

Kristie West

Kristie West’s Purdue journey began as a pharmacy major, but after a year of classes and an internship, she learned that she needed something that was more interactive with people. She found her new home in the College of Technology’s OLS (what is now technology leadership & innovation).

Jim Keppler

Jim Keppler’s technology degree opened the door and prepared him for this first role as a manufacturing engineer.

“The exposure to that first manufacturing role created a passion for people, process and product that remains with me today,” he says. “Effective communication and problem solving skills are among those that I began to develop during my time at Purdue and are skills that I use in my current role each day.”

Stephanie Grieger

Looking back on her Purdue days, Stephanie Grieger remembers how the computer technology program operated like a small family and how it has grown. “All of this started on dumb terminals in South Campus Courts where a few caring professors and students came together to enable what is today an outstanding, highly regarded and recognized program that produces dynamic students that are coveted by companies large and small,” Grieger says.