Construction Management Technology

Industry leader Hilti provides hands-on tools, tech for students, partners with Construction Management Technology

Hilti joined our School of Construction Management Technology on April 18 to give a sizeable gift to the construction lab in Dudley Hall, and to announce a long-lasting educational partnership to help innovate and evolve the construction industry alongside our students.

Trimble Technology Lab is “heritage and future” for Purdue Polytechnic, university's construction programs

The multi-billion dollar Trimble Inc. joined its new partners at Purdue Polytechnic for the launch of the Trimble Technology Lab, which has proven to be productive both for new research and student work right from the start. Read on to hear remarks from President Chiang, Purdue Polytechnic's Dean Daniel Castro and others.

Year-in-review for Polytechnic research: over $16 million for 2023-24

For the 2023-24 academic year, 108 research projects were either initiated or received continuing funding within Purdue Polytechnic, altogether totaling over $16 million. Research grants represent a wide range of Purdue Polytechnic, including faculty across all academic departments as well as contributions from many graduate students listed as co-authors on many projects.