Construction Management Technology

Construction management’s accelerated Degree in 3 program produces inaugural cohort of graduates

The 2008 recession left behind a downsized construction industry. The demise began when families and individuals borrowed beyond their means to purchase houses, only to lose them to lenders when the worldwide economy tanked and those homeowners lost their jobs. This led to a glut of empty houses on the market. With no need to build nearly as many homes, older employees in the construction trades opted to retire, while younger construction employees decided to pursue different lines of work or not enter the construction industry to begin with.

Construction management capstone instructors honored for exceptional teaching during pandemic

Purdue Polytechnic instructors in the School of Construction Management Technology found innovative ways to teach the business of construction management to Purdue students during the pandemic. Their creative tactics included video classes, virtual presentations and cross-departmental collaborations, which earned them Purdue’s award for Exceptional Teaching and Instructional Support.

Construction management professor adds better eyes to hands of construction robots

Purdue Polytechnic’s Jiansong Zhang, assistant professor of construction management technology, and his team developed and are testing a novel construction robotic system that uses an innovative mechanical design with advances in computer vision sensing technology to work in a construction setting.