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Bechtel streamlines manufacturing processes with digital library

Knowing the types of machines available at Bechtel Innovation Design Center and being familiar with how they work is fundamental to Purdue students’ projects; however, becoming an expert in a machine’s use in order to create only one piece for a class project seemed a bit excessive. Matthew Swabey, Bechtel’s director, needed a happy medium, so he enlisted Bechtel’s student employees, led by Anirudh Pal, to devise a solution.

Bechtel center dedicated as magnet space for student projects

Collaborate to solve problems

The Bechtel Innovation Design Center gets students working together on projects

The center provides workspace for student projects to advance conceptual designs, build prototypes, and conduct product testing in a hands-on environment. Available 24/7 for Purdue innovators, it promotes teamwork, problem-solving, and collaboration for students in Purdue Polytechnic and the College of Engineering as they design, plan, and build capstone and other projects.

Flatt uses UAV expertise to assist campus researchers

Explore the potential of your passions

Explore your interests with an undergraduate research experience

As a preteen building model airplanes in Portland, Tennessee, Evan Flatt wasn't aware of the potential for these planes to help collect scientific data. Now he is using his decade-long hobby to collect data for a $6.5 million research project for the U.S. Department of Energy.