Technology Fulbright student from Syria thanks Purdue

George Jebran, a Fulbright student from Syria, wrote the following letter to Purdue President Mitch Daniels as he was preparing to graduate with a master's degree in aviation and aerospace management May 10.

The letter garnered him a meeting and photo opp with President Daniels as well as a presidential tweet (posted below Jebran's letter).


Dear President Daniels,

This is George Jebran, a Fulbright student from Syria. I am graduating this semester with a master's degree in aviation and aerospace management from Purdue University. I did not meet you in person, an honor that I am hopeful of one day, but I would like to take the opportunity of my graduation to share with you my deepest gratitude for Purdue University and its wonderful faculty and staff.

I am now moving into a new chapter of my life to start working as an analyst at American Airlines. However, I will never forget to acknowledge that Purdue and what Purdue had to offer were the main reason for me getting this far. While the institution had plentiful resources to provide, I am especially grateful to Purdue’s community including faculty, staff and students. My special thanks go to my professors and friends in the Aviation Technology Department who always strove to be welcoming, generous and supportive. Altogether they built a very open and inclusive environment of learning, encouragement and growth. Even though I came from a country being daily torn by war, they never failed to understand me and assist me in my transition into this new culture and equip me with what it takes to make the most of my experience.

I am really thankful, especially to my adviser Dr. Mary Johnson, my professors (including Dr. Dick Fanjoy, Dr. Chien-tsung Lu, Prof. Denver Lopp and Prof. Mike Suckow), and to all my friends in the Aviation Graduate Council.

Again Mr. President, I am so grateful. While going on with a sad part of my heart for leaving Purdue, I am cherishing a greater part of gratitude and hope.

Thanks, Purdue, for making a difference.

Hail Purdue!

George Jebran


Meet George '13, Fulbright scholar from Syria, my nation of heritage. Good luck G and prayers for your troubled land…

— Mitch Daniels (@purduemitch) May 9, 2013