Exploring aviation business and education in Taiwan


Title: Exploring aviation business and education in Taiwan

3 credits: AT 25800

Location: Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung City, Taiwan

Dates: May 8-21, 2024


Program cost: $1,554.20

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Program Description

Taiwan holds a significant position as a key ally to the United States and plays a vital role as a pivotal hub in the global airline network, facilitating air travel connections between North America, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. Due to its consistently fast growth and advancement in economy, the Taiwan’s aviation industry is currently witnessing a transformative shift in management, driven by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of Smart Airports, marking just the initial phase of this remarkable evolution. Taiwan offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition, a rich cultural heritage, and a high-quality education system. Taiwan is known for preserving the original Confucianism that praises virtues of family, religions, just, etiquettes, benevolence, honesty, and morality. Taiwan is a place for Purdue students to experience a different culture. Taiwan offers a diverse range of experiences such as natural beauty, cuisine, modern cities, historical townships, convenient and safe transportation, and most importantly friendly locals. Our partner university, Chaoyang University of Technology is a rising star of aviation education in Taiwan preparing highly skilled professionals for the on-demand aviation industry such as pilots, engineers, and traffic controllers.

The city of Taichung, the hub of Chaoyang University of Technology, is a vibrant city with fruitful cultural varieties including indigenous tribes. Taichung City also houses the biggest aircraft development and maintenance in Taiwan, Han-Xiang Aerospace Co Ltd that is renowned for its ability in developing unmanned aerial systems as well as its ability in ensuring the airworthiness for both civil and military aircraft. During our stay in Taichung, students will not only experience top-notch aviation education at CYUT, but also a visit to Han-Xiang and Shui-Nan International Airport nearby.

Taoyuan City houses the biggest international airport in Taiwan as well as two major flag carriers, China Airlines and EVA Airlines, and one large flight training center. Both airlines combined provide powerful revenue passenger miles to the global destinations.

A visit to Taipei 101 Skyscraper and the Office of President would be an impressive highlight beside an afternoon walk in Xi-Men-Ding . Xi-Men-Ding is a vibrant and popular district in the heart of Taipei and is known for its lively atmosphere, entertainment options, shopping, and rich cultural experiences. 


Tentative Program Itinerary

Day 1: Flight to Taiwan

Day 2-8: conducting class interactions, career and research presentations, local cultural engagement, campus life, industry visits - Department of Aviation Technology, Chaoyang University of Technology - Taichung City

Day 9-10: visits and roundtable discussion, aviation business in Asia - Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), China Airlines (CAL), EVA Airways (EVA), Kainan University Department of Air Transportation Management - Taoyuan City

Day 11: student engagement, campus life - National Taipei University, College of Business, Taipei

Day 12-13: visit NTCS-Taiwan, CAA-Taiwan, cultural guided tours to museums, landmarks, etc. - Taipei

Day 14: Departure


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Picture credits: Photo by Ethan Chan, Photo by Huang Yingone, Photo by YL Lai

Department Location Duration Professor
Aviation and Transportation Technology Taiwan Maymester/Summer Chien-tsung Lu