Office of Globalization

While the world continues to get smaller, Purdue Polytechnic global and cultural opportunities continue to grow.  The Office of Globalization in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute focuses on the global reach of the college through a variety of programs.  Robert Cox, PhD, Associate Dean for Globalization and Elizabeth Barajas, M.A., Global Programs Coordinator work to seek, initiate and sustain:

  • International student exchanges
  • Faculty exchanges
  • Undergraduate/graduate group research collaboration
  • Dual/Joint degree options
  • Departmental study abroad programs
  • International industrial internships
  • Industrial problem solving
  • Indiana Industrial economic/international development.
  • Strategic Global Alliances

All students in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute can choose to gain an enriched perspective of the global marketplace through a multitude of global experiences that both interest and benefit the student and his or her chosen path of study. 

students studying abroad

Technology Innovation & Culture in Bavaria, Germany

"Being a car nut, I have always wanted to visit the BMW Headquarters in Munich and it was this very class that helped me fulfill that lifelong wish. Over the course of the week that we spent in the historic city of Munich we visited multiple factories showcasing the best in manufacturing automation, enjoyed some of the best German brews and witnessed firsthand the majesty of the Neuschwanstein Castle up in the Alps. The purpose of this class was to expose us to Bavarian culture which really helped put into perspective as to why German Engineering is second to none. Having taken classes for four years at Purdue, I can say with full confidence that this has been the best class I have ever taken here."

-Hamoodah Adarsh Kumar - Mechanical Engineering Technology 2016