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On behalf of the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, welcome to the Boilermaker/Techie family!


We are tight-knit group of students, faculty and industry partners on the West Lafayette campus, and we’re excited to help your student navigate their college journey. Following are some resources that you and your student might find helpful over the next few years. If you encounter a situation that needs attention but you don’t know whom to contact, let us know. We will do our best to set you on the right path.

Connect with Polytechnic staff, ask questions about classes and hear from current Polytechnic students by joining our closed Facebook group! This online community was created exclusively for families of admitted students to connect with other Polytechnic parents and Polytechnic staff. Be sure to use code TechFamily2026 to enter.

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We love how thoroughly Purdue communicated. Our daughter loved how she felt supported every step of the way from admission, registration and throughout the first semester. We absolutely love Purdue Polytechnic and everyone there!
-Jennifer D.,
Polytechnic parent

General Information 

Office of Recruitment, Retention and Diversity (RRD)

Located in Knoy 150, the Office of Recruitment, Retention and Diversity recognizes the potential within all students, and connects them with the opportunities for success that the Polytechnic offers. Their doors are always open to assist Polytechnic students on their paths to – and through – college.

Learn More about RRD

Office of Admissions

The University’s Office of Admissions is your go-to authority for questions about application requirements, deadlines and status. On the Office of Admission’s web page, you will also find scholarship information, learn more about housing options and see what’s on the weekly menus across campus.

Contact Purdue Admissions

Data Dashboard

We can’t introduce you to each one of our amazing students, so we’ve broken things down by the numbers. Get the “fast facts” on the Polytechnic’s enrollment, student-to-faculty ratio, employment placement rates and even average starting salaries by visiting our data dashboard.

Explore the data dashboard

Academic Support 


Polytechnic advisors play important and active roles by helping students plan their academic futures. Advisors work one-on-one with students to help them schedule their classes, with the students’ career goals in mind.

See List of Advisors

Building Excellence for Students in Technology (BEST)

Take advantage of this free academic coaching! With BEST, Polytechnic students learn one-on-one with another student who has already had success in the same Polytechnic courses.

Learn More about BEST

Math and Physics tutoring

Student tutors are available to help with math and/or physics classes. Both online and in-person sessions available.

Learn More about this Tutoring

Purdue Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) – in Wiley Hall, Room C215 – provides a variety of academic support services such as supplement instruction, academic consultations, peer success coaching, workshops, online resources and tutoring.

Research Student Success Resources

Still have questions?

Join us during live Zoom chats specifically for parents and families during this spring. Ask our helpful Polytechnic staff your questions about all things Purdue and the Polytechnic. 

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We live in India and our son is a Polytechnic grad student. Every day, we hear positive things from him. About the unprecedented, high-level of quality teaching. We, as parents, are so happy that Purdue takes very good care of him. Talent recognition is my most favorite thing about Purdue. Hats off, guys!
- Chandra P.,
Polytechnic parent

Student Activities and Organizations 

Polytechnic Student Organizations

The Polytechnic is home to dozens of student organizations for nearly every interest, such as Student Ambassadors, Women in Technology and Minority Technology Association.

See all Polytechnic student organizations

University Student Organizations

And there are hundreds more Purdue activities and organizations that are open to students from all colleges!

See all Purdue University student organizations

Purdue’s Cultural and Resource Centers

A diverse, inclusive community is an integral part of the Purdue experience. This is especially important in the Polytechnic because different backgrounds and experiences enhance the problem-solving process, which leads to innovation. Besides embracing individual diversity, students can celebrate the rich cultures of Purdue’s Cultural and Resource Centers

Visit the Cultural and Resource Centers website

Health and Wellness 

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS provides counseling, therapy and additional mental health resources to help students manage the demands and challenges of college. Follow CAPS on Facebook.

Learn more about CAPS

Purdue University Student Health (PUSH)

The board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners and physical therapists at PUSH provide Purdue students with compassionate, culturally competent primary care and chronic-condition care.

Learn more about PUSH

To Report a Student of Concern

Anyone concerned about a student's behavior can report that concern to an appropriate University representative or to the Office of the Dean of Students, or they can submit the concern via the Student of Concern Reporting link. For examples of the types of behavior to watch for, visit the Student of Concern webpage.

Visit the Student of Concern webpage

My son thrived at Purdue. His professors saw his potential. He now is a teacher at Purdue. Proud Mom.
- Dinese D-F,
Polytechnic parent

Financial Information 

Purdue Bursar's Office

Purdue’s Bursar's Office is your one-stop shop for finding information on student tuition, viewing invoices, making payments and ensuring timely refunds.

Visit the Office of the Bursar’s website for information on tuition, fees, rates and remissions.

Visit the Office of the Bursar’s website

Division of Financial Aid

The Purdue Division of Financial Aid helps students and their families find ways to eliminate financial barriers to a Purdue education. The office provides information on scholarships, grants, campus employment and resources for veterans.

Go to Division of Financial Aid website


There are several types of housing for Polytechnic students, ranging from on-campus residence halls to near-campus apartments. Use the online tools to find housing that meets your needs and preferences.

Go to Purdue Housing website

Campus Map

Learning Communities

A learning community is a collective of students from the same major who live among each other in a residence hall, while they share an academic goal or explore a shared interest. Students who participate in learning communities often earn higher grades and have increased exposure to university resources. More than 3,000 first-year students and 1,000 current students participate in Purdue’s learning communities every year.

Polytechnic students can select from any Purdue learning communities.

See Purdue Learning Communities

Orientation Programs 

Boiler Gold Rush

Boiler Gold Rush (BGR) is a fun-filled week of activities across the Purdue campus that occurs the week before fall classes begin. All incoming students are welcome and encouraged to participate in the events. Students learn about campus traditions, Purdue culture and University resources, and make lasting friendships.

There’s even a Boiler Gold Rush especially for international students!  

STAR: Student Transition, Advising and Registration

During Purdue's day-long STAR program, new undergraduate students meet their academic advisor and request their fall courses. Students who are granted an exemption will participate in an online version, Virtual STAR.

International students are automatically enrolled in the online Virtual STAR.

Visit the Orientation and Transition website

Especially for International Students 

The staff in Purdue’s International Students and Scholars Office use their knowledge of immigration, admissions and advising to enhance the academic, cultural and social pursuits of students and scholars from abroad. Students and parents are welcome to take advantage of this expertise when assistance with anything Purdue-related is needed.

Visit the International Students and Scholars Office website

Virtual STAR: The online version of Student Transition, Advising and Registration

During Virtual STAR, international students can meet their academic advisor online and request their fall courses.

Learn more about Virtual STAR